Scientific Publications

Overview Papers

  • Katrinis, K., et al. “Rack-scale disaggregated cloud data centers: The dReDBox project vision.” 2016 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition (DATE). IEEE, 2016. (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • Katrinis, K., et al. “On Interconnecting and Orchestrating Components in Disaggregated Data Centers: The dReDBox Project Vision”, European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) 2016 (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • D. Theodoropoulos, “Disaggregated Recursive Datacentre-in-a-Box”, Hipeac Info 49, January 2017 (Open Access link, bibtex)
  • D. Pnevmatikatos, “Rack-scale Disaggregated Cloud Datacenters & the dReDBox project”, MULTIPROG-2017, HiPEAC 2017, 23-25 Jan 2017, Stockholm, Sweden (Open Access link, bibtex)
  • Project Poster presented at HiPEAC 2018: Download Poster
  • N. Alachiotis, A. Andronikakis, O. Papadakis, D. Theodoropoulos, D. Pnevmatikatos, D. Syrivelis, A. Reale, K. Katrinis, G. Zervas, V. Mishra, H. Yuan, I. Syrigos, I. Igoumenos, T. Korakis, M. Torrents, F. Zyulkyarov, “dReDBox: A Disaggregated Architectural Perspective for Data Centers”, in “Hardware Accelerators for Data Centers”, p. 35-56, Springer International Publishing, 2018 (link, bibtex, Preprint)

Disaggregated Datacenter

  • Adaranijo Peters, Georgios Zervas, “Network Synthesis of a Topology Reconfigurable Disaggregated Rack Scale Datacentre for Multi-Tenancy”, OFC 2017 (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • G. Zervas, F. Jiang, Q. Chen, V. Mishra, H. Yuan, K. Katrinis, D. Syrivelis, A.Reale, D. Pnevmatikatos, M. Enrico, N. Parsons, “Disaggregated Compute, Memory and Network Systems: A New Era for Optical Data Centre Architectures”, OFC 2017 (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • M. Drumond, A. Daglis, N. Mirzadeh, D. Ustiugov, J. Picorel, B. Falsafi, B. Grot, D. Pnevmatikatos, “The Mondrian Data Engine”, The 44th International Symposium on Computer Architecture, Toronto, ON, Canada, June 24-28, 2017 (Open Access link, bibtex)
  • D. Syrivelis , A. Reale , K. Katrinis , I. Syrigos, M. Bielski, D. Theodoropoulos, D. N. Pnevmatikatos and G. Zervas, “A Software-defined Architecture and Prototype for Disaggregated Memory Rack Scale Systems”, 2017 International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modelling, and Simulation (SAMOS XVII) (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • C. Vega, J. F. Zazo, H. Meyer, F. Zyulkyarov, S. Lopez-Buedo and J. Aracil, “Diluting the Scalability Boundaries: Exploring the Use of Disaggregated Architectures for High-Level Network Data Analysis”, accepted for publication to the IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) 2017 (preprint, bibtex)
  • A. Reale, D. Syrivelis “Experiences and challenges in building next-gen optically disaggregated datacenters”, 2018 International Conference on Photonics in Switching and Computing (PSC). IEEE, 2018 (Preprint)
  • D. Theodoropoulos, A. Reale, D. Syrivelis, M. Bielski, N. Alachiotis, D. Pnevmatikatos, REMAP: “Remote mEmory Manager for disAggregated Platforms“, IEEE ASAP 2018 (Preprint)
  • J. Vetter, J. Fanguede, K. Chappuis, D. Raho “VOSYSVirtualNet: Low-latency Inter-world Network Channel for Mixed-Criticality Systems”, IEEE SIES 2018 (Preprint)
  • M. Bielski, A. Rigo, R. Pacalet, “Dynamic guest memory resizing for disaggregated systems – paravirtualized approach”, IEEE PDP 2019 [submitted] (Preprint)
  • M. Bielski, I. Syrigos, K. Katrinis, D. Syrivelis, A. Reale, D. Theodoropoulos, N. Alachiotis, D. Pnevmatikatos, G. Zervas, V. Mishra, A. Saljoghei, A. Rigo, M. Enrico, V. Mishra, A. Saljoghei, E. Pap, , O. González de Dios, Dionisios N, Pnevmatikatos, J. Fernando Zazo, S. Lopez-Buedo, M. Torrents, F. Zyulkyarov, “dReDBox: Materializing a Full-stack Rack-scale System Prototype of a Next-Generation Disaggregated Datacenter”, demonstration and publication in DATE 2018. (Preprint)

Survey Papers

  • Bielski, M., Pinto, C., Raho, D., Pacalet, R., “Survey on memory and devices disaggregation solutions for HPC systems”, 19th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE 2016) (Open Access link, bibtex)
  • H. Meyer, J.C. Sancho, J. Quiroga, F. Zyulkyarov, D. Roca, M. Nemirovsky, “Disaggregated Computing. An Evaluation of Current Trends for Datacentres”. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS) 2017 (preprint, bibtex)

Energy Efficiency

  • N. Alachiotis, D. Theodoropoulos, D. Pnevmatikatos, “Versatile Reconfigurable Acceleration in Data Centers: a Bioinformatics Case Study”, EnESCE: Workshop on Energy-efficient Servers for Cloud and Edge Computing, HiPEAC, 23-25 Jan 2017, Stockholm Sweden (Open Access link, bibtex)

Optical Datacenter Papers

  • Liu, Y., Yuan, H., Peters, A., Zervas, G., “Comparison of SDM and WDM on Direct and Indirect Optical Data Centre Networks”, ECOC 2016 (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • Qianqiao Chen, Vaibhawa Mishra, Nick Parsons, Georgios Zervas, “Hardware Programmable Network Function Service Chain on Optical Rack-Scale Data Centers”, OFC 2017 (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • N. Pleros, N. Terzenidis, T. Alexoudi, D. Syrivelis, K. Vyrsokinos, and G.T. Kanellos, “Software-Defined Board- and Chip-level Optical Interconnects for Multi-Socket communication and Disaggregated Computing”. HiPEAC 2017, 23-25 Jan. Stockholm, Sweden. (Open Access link, bibtex)
  • M. Moralis-Pegios, N. Terzenidis, C. Vagionas, S. Pitris, E. Chatzianagnostou, A. Brimont, A. Zanzi, P. Sanchis, J. Marti-Sendra, J. Kraft, K.Rochracher, S. Dorrestein, B. Sirbu, T. Tekin, D. Syrivelis, L. Tassiulas, A. N. Milliou, N. Pleros, K. Vyrsokinos, “A programmable Si-photonic node for SDN-enabled Bloom filter forwarding in disaggregated data centers”, SPIE Photonics West, 28-2 Feb. San Francisco, CA, USA (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • H. Liu, A. Peters, M. Garrich, and G. Zervas, “OSNR Aware Composition of Open and Disaggregated Optical Node and Network”, IEEE Journal of Optical Communications and Networking (JOCN) (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • A. Saljoghei, V. Mishra, M. Bielski, I. Syrigos, K. Katrinis, D. Syrivelis, A. Reale, D. N. Pnevmatikatos, D. Theodoropoulos, M. Enrico, N. Parsons, G. Zervas, “dReDBox: Demonstrating Disaggregated Memory in an Optical Data Centre”, OFC 2018 (Preprint)
  • Hui Yuan, Arsalan Saljoghei, Adaranijo Peters, Georgios Zervas, “Disaggregated Optical Data Center in a Box Network using Parallel OCS Topologies”, OFC 2018 (Preprint)
  • Hui Yuan, Arsalan Saljoghei, Adaranijo Peters, Georgios Zervas, “Comparison of SDM-WDM based Data Center Networks with equal/unequal core pitch Multi-Core Fibers”, OFC 2018 (accepted) (Preprint)
  • G. Zervas, H. Yuan, A. Saljoghei, Q. Chen, V. Mishra, “Optically Disaggregated Data Centers With Minimal Remote Memory Latency: Technologies, Architectures, and Resource Allocation [Invited]”, Journal of Optical Communications and Networking Vol. 10, Issue 2, pp. A270-A285 (2018) (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • A. Ottino, A. Saljoghei, T. Hayashi, T. Nakanishi, C. Kochis, P. De Dobbelaere, G. Zervas, “Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Multi Core Fibre Transmission Links based on Silicon Photonic Transceivers“,accepted for publication, OFC 2019
    (PrePrint – (Subject to the publisher’s 12-month embargo period, expiring on 8 March 2020).
  • Peters, A., G. Zervas, “Parallel Distributed Schedulers for Scalable Photonic Integrated Packet Switching”, IEEE photonic in switching and computing, 2018 (Preprint)
  • J. Benjamin, G. Zervas, “Parallel Star-coupler OCS Architectures using Distributed Hardware Schedulers”, IEEE photonic in switching and computing, 2018 (Preprint)
  • Peters, A; Oikonomou, G; Zervas, G; (2018) In Compute/Memory Dynamic Packet/Circuit Switch Placement for Optically Disaggregated Data Centers. Journal of Optical Communications and Networking , 10 (7) B164-B178, 2018 (Preprint)
  • Miltiadis Moralis-Pegios, Nikolaos Terzenidis, George Mourgias-Alexandris, Konstantinos Vyrsokinos and Nikos Pleros, “A Low-Latency High-Port Count Optical Switch with Optical Delay Line Buffering for Disaggregated Data Centers”, to be presented at SPIE PW 2018 (Preprint)
  • Nikolaos Terzenidis, Miltiadis Moralis-Pegios, Chris Vagionas, Stelios Pitris, Evangelia Chatzianagnostou, Pavlos Maniotis, Dimitris Syrivelis, Leandros Tassiulas, Amalia Miliou, Nikos Pleros, Konstantinos Vyrsokinos, “Optically-enabled Bloom Filter Label Forwarding using a Silicon Photonic switching matrix”, Journal of Lightwave Technology Volume: 35, Issue: 21, Nov.1, 1 2017 (Preprint)


  • Mishra, V., Chen, Q., Zervas, G., “REoN: A Protocol for Reliable Software-Defined FPGA Partial Reconfiguration over Network”, IEEE Reconfig 2016, Nov-Dec 2016 (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • J.F. Zazo, S. Lopez-Buedo, G. Sutter, J. Aracil, “Automated synthesis of FPGA-based packet filters for 100 Gbps network monitoring applications”. 2016 International Conference on Reconfigurable Computing and FPGAs (ReConFig 2016). (Preprint, bibtex)
  • M. Ruiz, G. Sutter, S. Lopez-Buedo, J.E. Lopez de Vergara, “FPGA-based encrypted network traffic discrimination at 100 Gb/s”, 2016 International Conference on Reconfigurable Computing and FPGAs (ReConFig 2016). (Preprint, bibtex)
  • D. Theodoropoulos, N. Alachiotis and D. Pnevmatikatos, “FPGA-based Evaluation Platform for Disaggregated Computing”, 2017 International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling, and Simulation (SAMOS XVII) (Preprint) (ppt, bibtex)
  • D. Theodoropoulos, N. Alachiotis, D. Pnevmatikatos, “Multi-FPGA Evaluation Platform for Disaggregated Computing”, IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines, April 2017 (Preprint, bibtex)
  • N. Alachiotis, D. Theodoropoulos, D. Pnevmatikatos, “Versatile Deployment of FPGA Accelerators in Disaggregated Data Centers: a Bioinformatics Case Study”, International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, September 2017 (preprint) (ppt) (poster, bibtex)
  • M. Ruiz, G. Sutter, S. Lopez-Beudo, J. F. Zazo, J. E. Lopez de Vergara, “An FPGA-Based Approach for Packet Deduplication in 100 Gigabit-per-Second Networks”, Reconfig 2017 (preprint, bibtex)
  • J. F. Zazo, S. Lopex-Buedo, M. Ruiz, G. Sutter, “A Single-FPGA Architecture for Detecting Heavy Hitters in 100 Gbit/s Ethernet links”, Reconfig 2017 (preprint, bibtex)
  • Chen, Q., Mishra, V, Nunez-Yanez, J. Zervas, G., “Reconfigurable Network Stream Processing on Virtualized FPGA Resources”, International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing, Vol. 2018, (Open Access link)
  • E. Pissadakis, N. Alachiotis, P. Skrimponis, D. Theodoropoulos, T. Korakis, D. Pnevmatikatos, REMAP: “ReFiRe: efficient deployment of Remote Fine-grained Reconfigurable accelerators”, FPT 2018 (Preprint)
  • Qianqiao Chen, Vaibhawa Mishra, Jose Nunez-Yanez, Georgios Zervas, “Synchronizing reconfiguration of coherent functions on disaggregated FPGA resources”, IEEE Reconfig 2017 (Preprint)
  • Qianqiao Chen, Vaibhawa Mishra, Peter De Dobbelaere, Michael Enrico, Nick Parsons, Jose Nunez-Yanez, Georgios Zervas, “SiP-enabled FPGA Network Interface for Programmable Access to Disaggregated Data Centre Resources”, OSA ACP conference, Nov. 2017 (Preprint)

Application specific papers

  • Chen, Q., Mishra, V., Zervas, G., “Reconfigurable Computing for Network Function Virtualization: A Protocol Independent Switch”, IEEE Reconfig 2016, Nov-Dec 2016 (link, bibtex, Preprint)
  • Enrico, M., Mishra V., Saljoghei A., Bielski M., Pap E., Syrigos I., González de Dios O., Theodoropoulos D., Dionisios N, Pnevmatikatos, Reale A., Syrivelis D., Zervas G., Parsons N., Katrinis K., “Demonstration of NFV for Mobile Edge Computing on an Optically Disaggregated Datacentre in a Box”, accepted for demonstration and publication in OFC 2018 (Preprint)
  • R. Neugebauer, G. Antichi, J.F. Zazo, Y. Audzevich, S. Lopez-Buedo, A. Moore, “Understanding PCIe performance for end host networking”, Proceedings of the 2018 Conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM ’18), Pages 327-341, (link, Preprint)

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