dRedBox at DataCloud Ireland 2018

Dr. Mark Sugrue of Kinesense will present a keynote address on dRedBox at the Datacloud Ireland conference in Dublin on Sept 13th 2018.

In today’s cloud data centres, the physical system is composed of individual server units each containing processing, memory, accelerators and storage hardware. This arrangement is wasteful. Some applications need more ram, some more processing – but servers are allocated as a unit. At any given time, up to half of components in a typical datacenter are not in use by applications – but are still using power. When demand peaks, applications ‘scale-out’ by requesting additional server units and migrating to them. dReDBox solves this by turning the traditional architecture on its head – instead of server units each containing all components we ‘disaggregrate’ them. The dReDBox datacenter is built of boxes of CPUs connected to boxes of Ram. Applications are allocated only the resources they need, when they need them. Applications ‘scale-up’ meaning they can get more ram or CPUs for a short time without migrating. By doing so, dReDBox aims to reduce electric power consumption by up to 20%, while also giving application developers more responsive deployments.
In this project we are building the hardware and also building example end user applications in the telecommunications sector (Telefonica and NAudit) and in CCTV processing (Kinesense). This talk will cover some of the interesting challenges for these applications.
The dReDBox consortium is funded by the EU under H2020 program (687632) and features a versatile set of prominent European R&D organisations, including IBM Research (Ireland), Telefonica (Spain), University of Bristol (UK), University of Thessaly (Greece), the Foundation for Research and Technology (Greece), Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain), NAudit (Spain), Sintecs (Netherlands), Virtual Open Systems (France) and Kinesense (Ireland).
Dr Mark Sugrue, Chief Technology Officer, Kinesense