dRedBox covered in NetworkWorld

The dRedBox project is covered in the recent article “How server disaggregation could make cloud data centers more efficient” in NetworkWorld:

“Workloads deployed to data centers often have a big disproportionality in the way they use resources. There are some workloads that consume lots of CPU but don’t need much memory, and on the other hand other workloads that will use up to four orders of magnitude more memory than CPU,” said Dr Andrea Reale, Research Engineer for IBM.

Across the datacenter, this means that some servers will be utilizing all their CPUs but still have lots of spare memory, while for others it will be vice versa, and these resources continue to suck power even if they are not being used. According to Reale, about 16 percent of CPU and 30 percent of memory resources in a typical datacenter may be wasted this way.