dRedBox on EC website: “Boosting energy efficiency in datacenters”

Sintecs and the dRedBox project have been covered in an article on the European Commission website.

We are used to thinking of a datacenter as a big room full of racks and servers that are statically interconnected to provide processing, memory, accelerators and storage resources. But what if all these different components could be simply combined and released only as and when needed? That is exactly what the EU-supported project dReDBox is trying to achieve.
Datacenters provide the computing infrastructure to run an organisation’s IT operations and store, manage and disseminate the data it generates. However, today’s datacentres are still very rigid because the different components are always connected even when they are not being used, incurring a significant waste of resources and energy.

dReDBox aims to address this challenge by developing a pooled-computing model based on disaggregated IT resources that can be deployed where and when required, to perfectly match the needs of cloud users. This will lead to big improvements in utilisation, scalability, reliability and power efficiency, both in conventional cloud and edge datacenters. In sum, it will allow to do more within the same space and with less energy consumption.

The full article is available on the EC website: “Boosting energy efficiency in datacenters